The Legal Technician Training Institute (LTTI)

30-Day Free trial to SmartLegal FormsThe Legal Technician Training Institute is the education and training organization of SmartLegalForms, Inc. Our training is designed for non-lawyers who want to start and run a legal document preparation business to serve the public directly using the SmartLegalForms document preparation platform.

Our training programs are delivered online. For larger organizations, we can arrange in-person training.

Unlike paralegal training which is designed to train paraprofessionals to provide legal support to attorneys, LTTI’s focus is training people who provide support to pro se filers and other individuals who are able to represent themselves.

We provide training for paraprofessionals on how to provide legal information, legal document preparation services, and other non-legal support services to the general public. This new category of legal information paraprofessional has been labeled variously as a “Legal Document Preparer”, “Legal Information Assistant”, “Neighborhood Legal Information Center Support Professional”,  “Legal Technician”, or “Legal Document Assistant”. Whatever the label, what distinguishes this emerging paraprofessional is the focus on the delivery of legal information services.  Legal information services are not the same as  the legal services offered by the legal profession which are, obviously, highly regulated.

LTTI is committed to the idea the citizens have a right to represent themselves in legal actions and that individuals who are not licensed attorneys can provide important information support services to meet the needs of pro se parties.

Our primary educational offering is the Certificate Program in Legal Technician Management.

This intensive seminar is designed for managers and owners of legal document preparation businesses and their staff members. At the end of this course you will receive a Certificate as a Legal Technician Manager.